About Me

Hello! And welcome to my lifestyle blog/writer’s blog/fashion blog.

My name is Lindsay Kate Ballif and I’m 19 years old. I’m an actress, singer, writer, filmmaker and dancer in training. I enjoy nerding out through cosplay, watching Doctor who with my friends, crying at Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock and more….and spending time with my fandom families. (Meaning. Tumblr.) I’m a college dropout, studying at an actor’s studio, and soon I will sign with an agency.

I’ve always loved writing or making up stories in my head, so blogging is the right thing for me! Plus, I get to share my thoughts on a platform where people can express their thoughts and opinions too! I encourage feedback! I’d love to have you comment and share your opinions on my posts, if you relate or wish for me to write something different.



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